EVLA Nova Team

The EVLA nova team is following up all bright novae visible to the EVLA (declination > -35 degrees) with deep radio observations typically spanning the frequency range 1--35 GHz. The EVLA can produce exquisite multi-frequency light curves and radio spectral energy distributions. The goals of this project are:

Additionally, we aim for high-resolution radio imaging of all novae we monitor with the EVLA, obtained with e-MERLIN, the VLBA, the EVN, and EVLA in its more extended configurations.

Our radio data are complemented by a rich suite of multi-wavelength observations, including X-ray and optical bands.

The EVLA Nova Team is:

Our Multi-Wavelength Collaborators are:


We are grateful to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) for time on the EVLA, and to the people at the EVLA who make things run. The VLA is a facility of the NRAO, itself a facility of the National Science Foundation that is operated by Associated Universities, Inc.