Current Resources

Coming soon!

  • Special areas for collaboration with NRAO partners (e.g. ESO, NAOJ). Areas we have set up include:
    • alma
    • aoc for the Array Operations Center
    • cal for Calendar Functions
    • ccs for Central Computing Services
    • do for the Director's Office
    • fiscal for content from the Fiscal Office
    • gb for Green Bank
    • gbt for the Green Bank Telescope
    • hr for Human Resources
    • library for the NRAO Library
    • mis for Business Computing
    • obs for Observatory Business Services
    • saa for the Science and Academic Affairs division
    • safety for the Safety Division
    • ska for Square Kilometer Array usage
    • students for NRAO Students (Summer etc.)
    • vla for the (Expanded) Very Large Array
    • vlba for VLBA
    • web for Webmasters
    Not all of these are yet in use, but are available for stakeholders to use.
  • Flexible Authenticated access mechanism.
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